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Human Resources Generalist

Job title:
Human Resources Generalist


In order to ensure the realization of the factory's human resources strategy, under the premise of ensuring legal employment, in accordance with the requirements of the factory's relevant procedures, formulate and implement various work processes and procedures such as recruitment, allocation, employment, training, performance, salary incentives, and employee relationship management. To ensure the smooth completion of various tasks. Assist the general manager of the factory to manage human resources, improve the efficiency of the factory's human resources, and achieve the factory performance development. Requirements: Bachelor Degree, 4 years and above relevant work experience Master the relevant knowledge of the human resource system, familiar with the labor contract law and other relevant laws and regulations Have strong planning organization and analysis and summary skills Have good PPT production skills and presentation skills Have good communication and coordination skills, influence and innovation Continuously improve awareness. Safety Requirements: IATF16949 series standards (including customer-specific requirements) ISO14001 system standards and related laws and regulations ISO45001 system standards and related laws and regulations Responsibilities: Human resource planning and implementation: According to the factory development strategy, the policy of docking the headquarters' human resources and energy system requires that, in conjunction with local laws and regulations, participate in the transformation, preparation and improvement of various human resources related procedures, documents and approval processes. Plan and formulate the factory's human resource development plan and annual plan, and implement it. Personnel planning and recruitment selection: According to the factory's organizational structure and management functions, job setting and development channels are established. Prepare annual staff budgets and various recruitment deployment plans, manage and improve the selection of recruitment channels, ensure the effective development of recruitment work, and meet the needs of various personnel in the factory; do a good job of talent inventory, organize and carry out the promotion and evaluation of various positions in the factory. Salary incentive management: Review the attendance records of factory employees, supervise the overtime arrangements of various departments to comply with laws and regulations and factory policies and procedures; review the leave application procedures of factory employees; assist the general manager of the factory and the managers of each section/production area in the monthly bonus distribution; assist the headquarters or agents The organization distributes factory salary and benefits; understands the local personnel and salary related policies, and drafts local relevant documents and submits them to the headquarters for review to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Performance management: Under the unified performance management policy of the headquarters, design various performance evaluation index projects, decompose the annual goals, and assist the managers in the setting of employee performance goals, performance evaluation, performance feedback, application and archiving of performance results. Continuously improve the assessment methods, so that the performance targets can be achieved. Employee Relations: Responsible for the handling of employee entry and resignation procedures, including the signing and filing of relevant documents, maintenance and update of personnel information, and reporting to the headquarters every month. Create and maintain harmonious labor relations, and be responsible for the maintenance of the factory's external and internal brand image, including handling employee-related crisis public relations and internal emergency matters within the factory, communicating and coordinating with employees, labor unions, government agencies and other related groups on behalf of the factory; completing employee satisfaction Investigation, report analysis and improvement measures follow-up work; organize the team to complete rationalization suggestions and award setting and publicity work. Training development: Formulate/update the annual and monthly training plans of the factory, and implement them; plan and specifically organize and implement the training of various personnel. According to the headquarters and corporate culture requirements, plan, organize, and implement factory-level activities. Manage and review factory training funds, establish and manage factory part-time lecturers, courses and training resource banks. Administration and logistics service management: Responsible for the administration and logistics service management during the construction phase of the factory, and improve employees’ satisfaction with the office environment and logistics services. Other tasks assigned by supervisor Review, control and recommendation of staffing Have the right to recommend local labor regulations and policies. Have the right to put a stop to violations of local labor laws and regulations and deal with them in a timely and compliant manner, and reporting them to the Human Resources Department at headquarters. The right to suggest recruitment channels. Have the right to vote in internal recruitment and transfer evaluation. Have the right to effective control over the performance management process.


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Human Resources Generalist
Monday - Friday
Pretoria, South Africa
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salary to be advised
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In order to ensure the realization of the factory's human resources strategy, under the premise of ensuring legal employment, in accordance with the requirements of the factory's relevant procedures, ...
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