The Importance of Your CV, part 3

The Importance of Your CV, part 3

With your personal information complete, it’s time to focus on your career history. Employers are looking for candidates who are good at what they do, so concentrate on your professional experience and highlight your good points.

A) Start with your most recent position:
i) The name of the company you work/ed for
ii) The title you hold/held
iii) If you started in one position and moved to another or received promotions, list these in date order
ABC Company
Project Manager November 2018 – Current
Security Supervisor March 2015 – October 2018
National Emergency Assistant January 2013 – February 2015

iv) Indicate your employment dates, not just the duration of employment
National Emergency Assistant for 2 years, rather state January 2013 – February 2015

B) Then describe :
i) What you did, incorporating your responsibilities
ii) Who you managed
iii) Types of projects you managed
iv) Your achievements – this is an important point as the employer must see what you could bring to the team and why you’re the best choice.
Be as specific as possible, for example, if you state increased sales – what does that really mean? Rather say – I increased sales at the company by 30 percent
v) Give short, career enhancing reasons for why you left each position

If there is a substantial gap in your employment record, indicate the reason – as an example: travelled abroad from April 2013 to March 2014.

C) Lastly, you will need to list at least three references. A reference should be an individual in a supervisory or managerial position to whom you reported – not your priest, family member or friend. Do not include your current employer as it will jeopardize your current position.
i) Provide the full name of your reference
ii) Their contact number, many recruiters require a landline number and not a cellphone number
iii) An email address can be added
iv) The name of the company your reference works for
v) The reference’s title at the company
Mr. A. George
HR Manager
ABC Company
011 000 0001

If the specific position you are applying for requires that you attach a photograph of yourself, ensure it is a relatively recent photo. A professional or neat head and shoulders photo should suffice in most instances. Your favourite photo on Facebook or a night out with the friends is never a good idea.

Remember that a CV is a presentation of you, your employment, skills and abilities and is therefore considered a legal document. Leaving out relevant information or indicating incorrect information can result in your CV being discarded, or even worse – dismissal once employed if it is uncovered. Please ensure that the information is always true and correct.

We hope that you have found these tips and hints to be of value, we wish you success.

Stay safe.