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Promoted, but I lost my work friends!

Promoted, but I lost my work friends!

Being promoted to a supervisor, I expected to encounter difficulties in my new role, but little did I realise the impact the promotion would have on my work friendships.

Suddenly I became the enemy!

People were taking aim and firing and there was no cover to run to!

Whoa! Is this what climbing the ladder to success means?!

What to do?  Continue being friends in the hope that I would eventually succeed in my new role, or grab the opportunity and possibly lose some friends?

I decided my career was more important than ‘friends’ who did not have my best interest at heart.

I very quickly learnt the facts of friendship in a work environment and how to move forward!

It IS possible to find the balance and succeed in your job.

LESSON 1         True friends will be happy for you and your success, don’t waste tears on new enemies

LESSON 2         Being a leader is not based on friendships, but rather the ability to encourage the best out of a team.  Acknowledge good performance, offer praise when deserved, give guidance and training

LESSON 3         Lead by example, don’t ask people to do what you will not do

LESSON 4         Ensure people know what is expected of them

LESSON 5         Set reasonable boundaries

LESSON 6         Don’t have favourites

LESSON 7         Work hard, reward and have fun!