Don’t be THAT Guy

Don’t be THAT Guy

Are You Able To Help?

Fighting bullies and helping bully victims
We are looking for angels. That is what we are calling our community of people who help us. We are trying to build a community of angels who can:
• Write self-help articles for us.
• Answer questions about bullying and from bullying victims.
• Pre-empt potential questions and answers to help those who are too afraid or shy to ask their own questions.
• Share our message far and wide – the more people that know about us, the more we can help.
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Don’t be THAT guy
Who is THAT guy, you may ask? THAT guy is the proverbial person who does something that is not well received, or downright wrong. THAT guy is the bully, and the reason for the existence of our website:

As a person who experienced bullying in school as a child, and now, as a father of a child that was bullied in school, I have decided to stand up and do something about it.

My name is Kobus Myburgh, and I am the father of two boys, Jack* and Henry*. It is 2022, and Jack is turning 9 this year, and Henry is turning 5. Luckily Henry has not yet experienced bullying to our knowledge (and believe me, we are vigilant). That is partially because he is in a wonderful school, together with his big brother Jack.
Jack was bullied in a previous school, and it took my wife and I months to get him to want to go to school again. Jack has finally decided on a school where he felt comfortable, after visiting many schools over the course of a 4-month-period. We had to take time off from work on numerous occasions to find a school where our precious boy would be comfortable, happy, and not bullied.

Jack has now been at this school for 4 years. He has a zest for life, and he is a happy child. His resilience, our efforts and persistence, and the great care given by the teachers and staff at Out of the Box academy has enabled him to flourish.

But back to reality…
I am not delusional. I know I cannot stop bullying all by myself, and I also know that it would need millions of people like me to eradicate bullying, but I am using every available resource at my disposal to spread the word about dealing with bullying. I implore you to share our website and social media link. If we can draw enough attention to bullying, we can make a dent in this vile behavioural pattern.
I started this project in 2018, but the website never saw the light of day, as I did not know how to approach this, until I decided in late 2021 to just put whatever I have learned over the years online. That is how we started. We are creating content at a fast pace and are building facilities to help bullies and victims of bullying, as well as those who want to help both.

About our name
By choosing this name, we risked being a little bit politically incorrect – but think about it: we could not choose the name “Don’t be THAT guy or girl or gender neutral or non-binary person”. We had to shorten it. We are aware that people of any gender can be bullies or be victims of bullying. Therefore, when we refer to “that guy” or “him” please keep that in mind.

* Not their real names, to protect their identities, as they are minors.

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